Agnes Scott College Best Buddies

Our Mission, Vision, and Goals

Our Mission
The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.

Our Vision
People with intellectual disabilities are often excluded from society because of their differences. Best Buddies is determined to end the social isolation of people with intellectual disabilities by establishing meaningful, lasting one-to-one friendships with their peers without intellectual disabilities. These friendships help increase self-esteem, confidence and the abilities of people with and without intellectual disabilities.

Best Buddies envisions a world where people with intellectual disabilities are so successfully integrated into our schools, our workplaces and our general communities that our current efforts and services will be unnecessary. Until that vision becomes a reality, we will continue to educate students, community members, corporations, and employers about the emotional, functional and natural needs and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

Our Goals
By 2010, Best Buddies will continue to build on its successful volunteer base in all 50 States, further expand its accredited international programs to 50 countries and annually engage more than 500,000 people worldwide.

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